Why God Allows Suffering? | 3 Key Reasons

The universal question, “Why does God allow Me to Suffer hardships in my life?”A question that has seemingly forever been both a challenge to accept what the scriptures tell us is the reason and acceptance of the fact that suffering of any kind is necessary yet uncomfortable to accept for anyone including christians alike. Here are 3 main biblical reasons why the God, who loves us so deeply, allows for suffering to occur in our lives.

“I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us” (Romans 8:18)

Reason #1

Your Own Sin

When you sin, the results will always produce eternal consequences with God. Your eternity is saved only by knowing Jesus via personal relationship with Him. Jesus paid that price for you and I to those who place their faith in Him. However, here’s the hard part, as a result of our own sin, we endure suffering here on earth for that sin.

By doing wrong here on earth you will always suffer the consequences.

Reason #2

Suffering Is NOT Always the Result of Your Own Sin

A t some point in your life there will come a time when your suffering has absolutely nothing to do with your own sin. When something bad happens to you it is not always a result of something you did to disobey God.

Sin always results in suffering, but suffering is not always the result of sin.

The book of Genesis within chapters 37–50, the story of Joseph shows us an example of suffering as a result of other peoples sin. Joseph’s own brother told their father he was dead after selling him further down the river. As a result, Joseph endured lots of suffering. Joesph was not deserving of any of his suffering and it was the definition of unfair. However, his suffering didn’t lack any purposeful meaning behind it and not matter what he had to endure he continued to follow God throughout the entire process.

Joesph avoided all temptation, remained truthful in all things, and always did the right thing even when it eventually resulted in trouble for him personally.

As a result of all the good things he done, he still ended up in jail as a result. But God had a bigger plan and in the end Joseph would rise above it all and. become an assistant to a king, reunite with his family, save an entire nation from starvation, including nations in the surrounding area. Joseph had absolutely no clue about any of this as he stood in a pit of dirt being sold off to foreign people at the hands of his own jealous family members. Proof that God knew what he was doing all along!

Reason #3

Your Own Reasoning Behind Your Suffering is Completely Wrong

Viewing suffering of any type as punishment lacks any factual information found in the scriptures other than a result of our personal sin knowingly committed by us alone.

Suffering should be viewed as an opportunity to learn.

When we suffer, our prayer should be for God’s help us to remain trustful in Him and through Him alone all while keeping both of our ears open to what God is trying to teach us and prepare us for as a result of our present suffering.

When we suffer, we need to ask God to help us be an example to those around us as a faithful follower of God alone.


When you suffer ask yourself, “What is God doing here?”

I s your suffering a result of your own sin or is God using your current situation to strengthen and teach you to prepare you for something that is coming or to be an example to others? Suffering will always be difficult on us all but it can be a wonderful opportunity grow in faith and obedience to what God’s word says.

~~~Just like Josephs example, God may have a bigger plan for you!~~~

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