The Leadership Qualities Of Moses | That Still Apply Today

The Bible appeared in written form around the 1st century A.D. Written at the time of Moses, a great leader and the savior of Israel, there is an attempt to document his leadership qualities. In this article, I will be looking at fifteen leadership qualities of Moses and how to achieve them today in your own life and career.

Who was Moses and What Does His Name Mean?

Moses was a prophet and leader of the Israelites during the time of slavery in Egypt. Exodus tells the story of Moses’ encounter with God and his escape from Egypt. Moses is often credited with being the author of the Bible, or at least with having edited it into its present form.

Today, many of the principles expressed in Moses’ teachings still apply in today’s world. For example, Moses urged his people to be moral and honest, to take care of their environment, and to respect other cultures. He also taught them how to righteousness through obedience to God’s laws.

It is worth noting that Moses was not just a religious leader; he was also a political figure. He led his people through numerous difficult challenges, including dealing with Pharaohs and defeating the Amalekites. In fact, it was largely through Moses’ leadership that the Israelites were able to enter Canaan — their promised land — and establish a permanent home there.

Moses embodied many qualities that are still important today — such as courage, faith, and leadership skills.

His teachings provide a valuable perspective on life that can be applied to any situation.

The Leadership Qualities of Moses Today

One of the leadership qualities that Moses displayed was his ability to lead a broad coalition of people to freedom. He inspired them with his words and showed them the way by leading them in battle.

In order to lead a successful group of people, Moses had to be able to communicate with them effectively. He did this by speaking in a clear and persuasive manner. His speeches were delivered with passion and conviction, which convinced his audience to follow him.

Moses also had the ability to put people in positions of power where they could make a real difference. He gave chiefs responsible for leading various aspects of the Israelites’ life authority over their people. This allowed them to successfully carry out Moses’ missions.

Throughout his life, Moses demonstrated the qualities necessary to be a successful leader. These same qualities still apply today, no matter what era we are living in.

If we are willing to put in the hard work and bravery required, we can become leaders just like Moses.

Thinking Like Moses

Leadership is not about having an exceptional IQ or being extraordinarily gifted. Rather, it is about thinking like Moses. Moses was a man of action who put his principles into practice. He was able to think outside the box and solve difficult problems.

Moses also had a deep understanding of his own character and motivations. He was able to stay calm under pressure and never give up on his cause. These qualities are still applicable today, even in the most difficult situations.

Leaders need to be able to think like Moses in order to be successful.

Christian Leadership Bible Verses

Christian leaders are often quoted as having qualities that are similar to those of Moses. Below are two verses from the Bible that discuss leadership qualities that are still applicable today.

‘And He led them out as an example, doing good and sending them away peaceable (not pursuing them).’ — Heb. 11:13

‘As for you, my child, live according to your conscience; be guided by what you see and hear. And go wherever your heart desires, and proclaim the word of God.’ — Acts 17:10


After reading this article, I hope you have a better understanding of the leadership qualities exhibited by Moses. Regardless of historical context, there are many lessons that can be gleaned from the leadership style of Moses and applied to modern day business in order to achieve success. By taking the time to read this article and identify some of these qualities in yourself and others around you, you will be well on your way to becoming a more effective leader.



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