God and Imperfect People | 4 Examples How God Can Use Anyone Including You!

The Bible is full of stories of imperfect people who are used by God to achieve great things. In this sermon, we’ll look at why God can and does use any person, including you. We’ll explore how even the worst of sinners can be used by God to accomplish great things if they put their trust in Him.

We Are All Imperfect

In this day and age, many people seem to think that they are perfect and that there is no room for imperfection in their lives. Yet, scripture tells us that we are all imperfect. This includes God. While we may not always live up to the expectations of others or ourselves, God can use us nonetheless.

One of the things that makes us imperfect is our inability to always do what is right. We make mistakes, we sin, and we sometimes do things that hurt other people. However, when we put our trust in God, He can help us learn from our mistakes and sins. He can also give us the strength to do what is right even when it is difficult.

This is why scripture tells us that “God uses the weak sometimes so that the strong will become humble” (1 Corinthians 12:8). God doesn’t want us to be perfect; He wants us to be His children who love Him and obey His commandments.

When we put our trust in Him, He can help us overcome our imperfections and become stronger as a result.

God Uses People Even Though They Are Imperfect : 4 Reason Why God Can Use You Too

We all make mistakes. We mess up, we hurt others, and sometimes we just don’t get things right. But that doesn’t mean God can’t use us — in fact, God often uses people even though they are imperfect. Here are 4 reasons why God can use you, even if you’re not always perfect:

1) You Are Human. Just like the rest of us, you have strengths and weaknesses. Mopping up the floor with a wet cloth is probably not your forte — but that doesn’t mean God can’t use you to clean up someone else’s mess.

2) You Are Learning. Whether it’s in school or life, constantly learning is a good thing. Even if you still make mistakes along the way, you are improving as a person.

3) You Are Lovable. No matter what anyone says, deep down inside everyone is lovable — even the most challenging people. God knows this and loves us anyway.

4) You Can Change. Even if you don’t always get things right, remember that you are capable of change — which is one

Examples In the Bible: Who God Chose and What they Accomplished

In the Bible, there are examples of people who God chose to use even though they were not perfect. For example, Moses was a poor Israelite boy who was able to lead his people out of Egypt and into the Promised Land. Joshua was also a poor young man who led Israel into battle against their enemies and won them the land. David was an unlikely candidate for king when Saul died, but he rose to become one of Israel’s greatest kings. Each of these individuals had weaknesses and shortcomings, but God chose them anyway because He saw potential in them that others did not see.

If you are looking for someone to guide, teach, and encourage you in your life journey, look no further than God.

He is always ready and willing to help us grow and become the best we can be. He knows what is best for us and will never let us down.

How Does God Use Us?

God can use anyone, including you, to accomplish His purpose. In fact, He can use even the weakest among us because we are made in His image. He loves us even when we don’t love ourselves and wants to help us become more like Him.


No one is perfect. That’s why he chose us — because we are imperfect and full of contradictions. And that’s also why he can use us to do great things. If we allow ourselves to be used by God, then his power can transform our lives in ways we never could have imagined. So let go of your own expectations and trust him with the task of using you in a way that will benefit not only you, but everyone around you as well.

In this article, we explored the idea that God can use anyone, including you. We looked at examples of how God has used imperfect people in the past, and how He might do so again in the future. Whether you are feeling discouraged or hopeful after reading this article, I hope it has given you a little more understanding about why God sometimes uses imperfect people to achieve His goals.



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