Choosing The Best Web Server’s & Operating System for Your Business

3 Best Options For Success

Cory Hinton
3 min readJun 1, 2022

There are many different web servers and operating systems that can be used by a business, but it is usually good to find one with the best programming.


The basis of all web pages, the web-server is often forgotten. What software is running on your machine, and what OS? Learn about the server and its importance to your web page.

For basic websites, these questions really don’t matter. However, if you want to make a more advanced site which utilizes compiling or CGI programming that runs on Unix with a Netscape server, you may need to reconsider if IIS works better on Windows. Learn what operating system the business owner has chosen.

What Are Web Servers? Servers serve web pages to computers via the internet or network. They provide access, offer error messages and track hits.The 3 most popular web servers are:

Your web server is key for a successful online strategy. You can distinguish between Windows NT and Unix because of their web extensions. Windows NT uses extensions such as .cpl. HTML extensions are generally used for Linux and Unix systems. Unix and Linux are not the only operating systems for web servers. Different types of operating systems have different internet servers.

Top 3 Best Web Server’s & Operating Systems

1. Apache Web Server: all the features for a powerful server

Apache is the most popular web server, with many modifications and modules to choose from. There is not as much support for Apache — but there are now paid-for-support options. If you are going to use Apache, you’ll be in very good company.

2. IIS: a Great Solution for any Windows Server system.

IIS has the support of Microsoft’s power and interfaces cleanly with the Windows Server OS. The drawbacks are that Windows Server is expensive and meant for larger enterprises, not small businesses. But as Windows Server connects to ASP.Net and easily connects to Access databases, it is perfect for larger web businesses.

3. The Sun Java Web Server

The Sun Java Web Server is the third most popular server, with the best of both Apache and IIS. It has strong backing from a well-known company called Sun and provides a lot of support for add-on components and APIs. This is a good server for people who are looking for good support on a Unix machine.


According to Jennifer, the best web server for your business depends on your specific needs and requirements. On top of deciding what type of dynamic web design you will want, it is important to know the features available in the servers that might suit your needs and those issues that may prevent you from deciding. This can help you save time when starting a new business by making sure that you are not wasting time setting up something that lacks the features you need.

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