7 Rules For Life | How To Thrive & Survive

Life is hard for each of us in some way. Difficulties are faced by everyone from the poorest of the poor including those with billions of dollars that appear to have the ability and means to do and have whatever they choose. Here are 7 key rules to help you establish the right perspective with life. Apply each of these daily and you will be well on your way to better handling the trials you face in everyday life!

7 Rules For Life

#1 (SMILE)

No matter what we face, everything always seem to work out in some way in the end. Once the dust settles on the challenge you face, you begin to realize that you eventually must simply move on with the results and push forward with living life. Smile, it always works out in the end!

#2 (BE KIND)

We all have a choice to make when dealing with other people. You can either be rude and mean to people or simply choose to be kind to those involved. Realize that there is power in being kind. You have the the power to make others feel good!


Theres always another way. Try to look at the challenges you face from different viewpoints before thinking of giving up on a difficulty you face. Remember, if it doesnt work out the first time, find another way! Be resilient in doing so.


Nobody on the planet has the same life and identical experiences you have. Each of us have a diffrent genetic code and make up from our first all the way to our last breath. Realize we are all on a different journey in life!


Negativity, in any amount, will crush your energy and mental resiliency leaving you feeling drained to face lifes challenges. Avoid all negative thoughts, situations, and especially negative people!


The key to accomplishing this is to remain steadfast in the present moment. Applying this rule will without a doubt quickly speed up your journet toward a better life!


Your body and mind are connected and play a direct role in how you feel, react, and handle whatever life throws your way. Spend time excerciing, reading, and eating as healthy as you possibly can. Set yourself up for success to meet lifes greatest challenges by applying this rule!

Yes, life is hard-for EVERYONE! If you apply these 7 rules throughout your day and everyday, you will be off to a great start toward a better life. We only get one life here on earth, why not make it worth the ride by enjoying your journey! Best of luck to you-YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Always remember, you cant control what happens to you but you CAN control how you react!!

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